Infocost runs on SAP S/4HANA

Testimonials for INFOCOST Solution

Excellent and customer centric services from INFOCOST

Dear Sarat,

The services of Infocost is really excellent and customer centric we are very happy from your services.


Vandana Agrawal


  • Infocost is formed with a motto to give best costing solutions to industries and businesses running on best ERP solution in the world, i.e. SAP Implementations.
  • Infocost solution is a consulting partner for businesses to deliver business value out of the implemented SAP system in terms of contribution, optimization, efficiency in production process, consumption of input materials, monitoring of actual spending & MIS reporting. The objective of all this working is to support the management in decision making system to optimize the profitability & cost management to achieve the organizations' goal.
  • Infocost is managed by qualified costing professionals with very good experience in the finance costing and SAP, we work closely with business to get the
    desired results from SAP implementations.

SAP Implementation Consulting Services


Actual Costing Solutions in SAP

“To recommend best costing practice in SAP, review of the existing business process and costing process is essential. It involves actual costing with material ledger and providing standard costing solutions.” know more…


Profitability Analysis (COPA)

“It involves measuring budget vs. actual profitability reporting on daily, mothly, quarterly and annual basis. It is done at the time of contract or sales order in dimension of a product or customer.” know more…


Activity Based Costing

“Activity Based Costing is more accurate costing methodology. It focuses on Indirect costs (overheads) and makes indirect expenses direct. Activities in ABC is same as business processes in SAP.” know more…


Cost Audit Report

“This is a statutory requirement for all the manufacturing companies to comply with cost audit record rules. We have customized template for Cost Audit Report to suit the key Para’s of cost Audit Report.” know more…


Parallel Inventory Valuation

“Valuation of inventory in multiple currencies is mainly required for the Multi National Companies, where the head office and business unit exist in two different countries with different currencies as well.” know more…


Budgetary Control System (FM)

“The tasks of Funds Management are to budget all revenue expenditures for individual responsibility areas, monitor future funds movements in light of the budget available, and prevent budget overruns” know more…


Data Archiving

“SAP database tables particularly related to day-to-day transactions gradually swell in their size in terms of data base, which in turn results in slow performance of daily business” know more…


SAP HANA Migration

“While every company’s path to transforming IT for SAP S/4HANA is unique, most share some common objectives in sustaining SAP ERP deployments while migrating to SAP S/4HANA.” know more…


SAP Business Report

“Our SAP Support process is very flexible and suiting to the customer expectations. We have a team of SAP experts to handle issues related to finance, costing, logistics and technical areas in SAP.” know more…


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