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Our SAP Finance and Costing Experts have organized their knowledge in SAP White Papers Template. So our readers and the business professionals in can know more about the SAP HANA Best Practices, Solutions, new and cutting edge research in SAP System, the best ERP Solution. You can read or download the following SAP White Papers Template online and increase your knowledge in SAP ERP System.

Tips for ML / Actual Costing

»» Actual cost of finished/semi-finished products are available.

»» Comparison of actual cost and standard cost is possible for variance analysis and other MIS reporting purpose.

»» In future if transfer pricing requirement arises then it can be easily activated as Actual costing material ledger is already working.

»» Actual cost of vehicle and other finished product can be computed in terms of variable and fixed cost detail.

»» Actual costing material ledger is totally new concept so it took a lot of time to make the super user and core user comfortable with the concepts and working of Actual costing Material Ledger.

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Migration from Order Cost to Period Cost

»» Product Cost by Period is classical and widely used method of costing used by most of the cost accounts for preparation of costing statements for manufactured materials.
This approach collects all the related cost of production such as; raw materials, conversion cost & overhead cost pertaining to output materials for a period.

»» Product Cost by Order is a special method of costing used specifically for collection of cost in case specific process is followed for production of material as per the requirement of customer.
Check the spillover of cost over the period, Hence the periodic cost will not be disturbed because of this.
If order status in not TECO and WIP calculation also not executed then the balance will remain in order in product cost by order approach, where as in product cost by period approach this scenario is taken care.

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Approach for Inventory Valuations

»» The objective of this approach paper is to complete the inventory valuation from SAP system. Basis for valuation of inventory can be the periodic weighted average cost, standard cost of product, weighted average cost and net realizable value.

The basis of inventory valuation may vary from business to business or product to product for entire group. Here our objective is to cover entire business scenario and product range from the perspective of inventory valuation. Based on finalized basis of valuation for respective business and product solution will be designed and will be applicable uniformly across the group.

»» Basis Of Valuation:

  1. Standard cost of product at the start of month
  2. Standard cost of product at the end of month
  3. Weighted average cost/Moving average price
  4. Periodic weighted average cost, (Actual Cost) and
  5. Net realizable value

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Reconciliation of COGM

»» Cost of goods manufactured (COGM) has a direct impact on strategic decisions like pricing.

»» Value of goods (finished/semi finished) manufactured must reconcile with direct & indirect expenses incurred for production.

»» Completeness of financial posting in COGM accounts & production variance accounts.

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