SAP HANA Implementation and Migration Consulting

  • During the SAP HANA Implementation and Migration we provide specialized services to ensure the appropriateness of the solutions and designing of the new SAP system as per the business and top management’s expectations.
  • The business process consulting and solution review and design in SAP implementation or in any other field can be optimized and accurate only based on the experience and background of business consultant who is responsible for the task and not the Brand name of any big company.
  • We manage all our business processes such as finance, sales , procurement , payroll etc. through the SAP S4 HANA system. It gives us a cutting edge advantage as against other business process consulting companies, here first we ourselves explore and complete the recommended solutions, in terms of its technical feasibility and practical approach of the solution.

Case Studies of the Expert Consulting for SAP HANA Implementation and Migration

Standard and best practices “Chart of Accounts” (COA)as prescribed by SAP India is being adopted for implementation of SAP

  • Presentation of financial statements is not as per the requirements
  • No Scalability of COA in terms of new accounts and processes
  • GL Accounts grouping is completely here and there
  • Designed the appropriate COA as per the financial reporting requirements of business industry and statutes
  • Mapping of the old GL accounts with new GL accounts

Stock identification and valuation requirements at the DEPOT level from their multiple Manufacturing Locations.

  • Stock identifications and route cause analysis is not feasible
  • Stock valuation for the respective plants cost of productions gets merged
  • Trial Balance and Balance Sheet available either at the Depot level or at the manufacturing plant level

We have implemented the concept of “Signature Carrying” from the Manufacturing Plants to the Depot Locations till the end of the processes

For the costing and management accounting only the minimum required settings have been done to ensure successful execution of other processes

  • Valuation of inventory i.e. SFG, FG
  • Costing sheet with recovery of Overheads
  • Contribution margin statements for saleable products

It’s a separate project in itself wherein we have done the solution designing , testing and go live of the costing system

There were four SBU’s running in a single location, In order to keep the process simple and straight forward only one SAP plant code has been designed for all the four SBU’s.

  • Transfer pricing solutions got impacted between the SBU’s
  • Since there is only one plant code in SAP so the standard solution of SAP for transfer pricing is not applicable

There is no resolution of this lacuna in designing of the SAP processe