MIS Reports Automation in SAP

  • The MIS reports normally in all the organizations being prepared manually every month with the help of SAP data w.r.t. GL and Cost centres based and Quantitative data from SD , MM and PP module.
  • This exercise usually takes at least 2 to 3 days time every month by the MIS team, this time we can spend in the analysis of the data rather then the preparation of the data.
  • The MIS reports we can develop from the system in a quick time by using the existing SAP data from FI, CO , MM, SD and PP modules.
  • The list of such MIS reports are as under;
    1. Expenses analysis for Fixed and Variable
    2. Sales expenses analysis at all the levels
    3. Contribution margin analysis report
    4. Division wise/Segment wise financial statement
    5. Plant wise profit and loss