Despite high commodity prices, the metals and mining industry is faced with increasing raw material and energy costs, driving the need to optimize processes throughout the sector. Although demand continues to grow in Asia and Brazil, other segments of the market remain subdued, encouraging companies to look towards innovation to improve efficiency.

Infocost have full strength of costing professional equipped with SAP management accounting expert knowledge to help the textile industry and organizations in achieving the required cost control and optimization measures in mining industry.

May it be target costing, standard costing, actual costing, activity based costing, profitability analysis, make or by decision, planning and budgeting, recovery reporting, costing sheets and many more MIS and decision making tools.

PoV of Infocost on Metals and Mining Industry

Metal and mining industry is currently going through a very tough phase due to increase in statutory obligations, low demand in outside markets and high cost of royalty and productions. It is challenging in this environment to allow slippage of cost due to any unforeseen reason, we need to have a very tight cost control mechanism to safeguard our interest and organizations profitability.

Our Works

We have vast experience in costing and management account in Mining industry and have developed the costing and MIS modes for large Mining industries,

Mining industries where we have the experience and association of working are;

  • Essel Mining Industries Ltd. Odisha: Costing System Implementations
  • Bhilai Steel Plant, A unit of Steel Auth. Of India : Mining process Implementations