The chemical industry has in many respects lead the way in using advanced process controls and analytics. However, with challenges in the form of high energy costs, ever increasing environmental and safety issues, the emergence of major players in developing countries and a mature and saturated Western market, companies throughout the sector need to optimize their R&D and manufacturing processes or risk getting left behind.

Infocost have full strength of costing professional equipped with SAP management accounting expert knowledge to help the chemical industry and organizations in achieving the required cost control and optimization measures,
May it be target costing, standard costing, actual costing, activity based costing, profitability analysis, make or by decision, planning and budgeting, recovery reporting, costing sheets and many more MIS and decision making tools.

PoV of Infocost on Chemical Industry

“Chemical production is a highly energy intensive industry, typically in distillation columns which import energy. Trying to optimize processes to decrease waste and energy consumption and/or increase the yield can benefit from the use of Activity Based Costing tools. For example, ABC costing models can determine the possible leverages on the production performance.

Our Works

We have vast experience in costing and management account work in the chemical industries and have developed the costing and MIS modes for large chemical industries,

Chemical industries where we have the experience and association of working are;

  • Grasim Chemical Limited, Mumbai: Costing System Implementations,