rect_img_redSAP Business Consulting Services

Business Consulting is one of specialized service which comprises of following sub areas for various clients need;

  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Process Audit
  • System Audit
  • Consulting for Pre-SAP Implementation processes
  • Consulting during the SAP Implementation process
  • Consulting for Post-SAP Implementation process

For further details and an in-depth guide, please download the PDF given below.

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Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

Business Process Re-engineering service covers following aspects of delivery;

  1. Report for Business processes study with recommendations
  2. Business Blueprint for recommendations to improve the processes
  3. Realization in SAP system w.r.t. the BBP
  4. Testing of solutions in SAP System along with business users
  5. Go Live for the tested solutions
  6. Monitor the performance of system after go live and hand-hold the users
  7. Report for the achievement by way of BPR
  8. The process covered for study are; Finance, Costing, Production, Sales and Procurement.

Process & System Audit

  • Process audit :- By this we will review each of the process of organization such a
    • Master data creation template, and its validation
    • Internal control aspects in the processes
    • Implement the Maker and Checker concepts in the process
  • System audit :- By this we will review the entire configuration and submit a report with areas of improvement for following processes,
    • Finance
    • Costing
    • Sales & Distributions
    • Production Planning
    • Procurement

Pre-SAP Implementations

Once management has taken a decision that SAP system to be implemented in an organization then there are lot of parallel work and activities to be explored and need to be completed with proper decision making so that we should get the correct solutions with reasonable commercials.

The critical activities in pre-SAP implementation phases where we can play an important role for the organization to take the task in a smooth manner;

  1. SAP Licenses deal (we just educate the client & not have any interest in this)
  2. Business process mapping w. r. t. current process
  3. Finalization of scope for implementations
  4. Negotiations with vendor for Implementation & Hardware

We have the experience of all the above as we have done all the above task for our own company so we have the latest information and links in the industry for this kind of consultancy.

During SAP Implementations

SAP implementation project …….. ???

Yes whenever we think of this all sorts of questions immediately come to our mind as :

  • How to ensure the smooth and successful delivery of SAP system for business
  • How to ensure the adaptability of SAP system in current dynamics of volatility
  • Would we get the appropriate business and technical consulting of SAP w. r. t. our processes

We somehow convince ourselves and go for the SAP implementation journey keeping these questions at back of our mind, as and when we face the difficulties in the SAP implementation processes…

  • firstly we will be trying to get the best solutions in SAP
  • generally for the best options we will not be in a position to convince ourselves
  • and we look for some alternative options

Here exactly we need someone who can guide us from the beginning so such situations should not arise during the implementations, even if it arises then we should be in a position to go for the best solutions without compromising the quality of if (just for the sake of saving some effort or personal preference)

Post SAP Implementations

It is very important to monitor the result and achievements post implementation of SAP system which largely missing from the scheme of things as we all get so deeply engrossed in handling the routine issues and system issues or next 6 months.

Here we need someone who can work on the post implementation scenarios and check the effectiveness of solutions in terms of the expectations

In many of the implementations the costing part generally gets in to the back stage and after sometimes the implementation partner left the site without taking proper care for the SAP Costing related solutions and its processes

Which in turn deprive the management from getting all the MIS and Decision making reports through SAP and as a result again we have to prepare everything in excel.

  1. Preliminary study of the existing business process in terms of functional and technical aspects is required for preparation of “Preliminary Study Report”(PSR)
  2. Depending on the PSR following factors would be derived and documented as a part of “Final Study Report” (FSR).
    • Feasibility of solution.
    • Key performance indicators.
    • Effort estimations & timelines.
    • Broad solution approach document
  3. Depending on the broad solution approach document the agreed solution will be implemented by following the regular process of implementation ( i.e. blueprinting of requirement, realization & testing of solution in test system, final preparation for production system and GO Live in production system)
  4. Measurement of performance w.r.t. agreed KPIs as a part of “Business Value Realization Report” (BVRR)

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